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          Rongcheng Shidao Guangxin Food Co., Ltd.

          The company attaches importance to talent, quality, actual effect and credit. Taking building modern enterprise system as the reform direction, the company comprehensively carries forward advanced management method.

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          Weihai canned tomato sauce exports increased to return to the list

          viewed: 2786Release time:2019-02-23

          In order to promote the export of agricultural products under its jurisdiction, weihai bureau gave full play to its functions and actively assisted tomato sauce manufacturers to cope with the international financial crisis.

          One is to strictly review and standardize labels to avoid risks. Weihai bureau comprehensively collects the laws and regulations of various countries on the labels of prepackaged food, so as to examine and verify the labels of prepackaged tomato paste cans of export enterprises, which not only standardizes the product labels, but also saves the enterprises from the export delay or economic loss caused by the labels not meeting the requirements.

          Second, risk analysis, dynamic checking and lifting efficiency. Under the premise of archival management of raw materials and auxiliary materials, weihai bureau conducts risk analysis in a timely manner according to the testing data of the enterprise, dynamically adjusts the testing items, timely adjusts the sampling proportion, and improves the inspection and release speed of products.

          Third, early intervention, active help to see results. Weihai bureau intervened in the qualification record of new export enterprises in advance, and gave comprehensive guidance from the aspects of layout planning, system establishment, personnel training, etc., so that the enterprises did not take detour and greatly improved the efficiency of examination and approval.

          Fourth, to create a brand, brand effect and efficiency. While strengthening supervision, strengthening enterprise quality awareness and improving product quality, weihai bureau encourages enterprises to create their own brands and improve international competitiveness. With the help of the bureau, weihai sanyuan food packaging co., ltd. has created its own "HAO" brand has been well known in Africa, favored by customers.